Shawn Nally, DDS
"The Science of Buffering Local Anesthetics"



Dr. Shawn Nally sm



11:40 am

Sunday, January 21, 2012

International Academy of Endodontics, Annual Meeting

The Fairmont Hotel

Dallas, Texas



Title: The Science of Buffering Local Anesthetics




Local anesthetic can be a major problem and a potential dissatisfier in dental care, especially in emergency cases. Challenges to complete anesthesia include injection pain, delay, uncertainty, incomplete block and post-injection pain with an average failure rate of 29%.




The pH of lidocaine with epi is approximately 3.5 with packaging which can yield the ‘bee sting’ upon injection. There is a massive increase in active anesthetic molecules at a pH of 7.4 by buffering the local anesthetic cartridge to the bodies’ physiologic pH immediately before injection. Multiple studies have found problems and variables with pre-injection buffering. New techniques have allowed buffering to increase zero injection pain by 38%. Most patients prefer buffered anesthetic over non-buffered anesthesia.




Therefore successful and consistent anesthesia is enhanced by buffering.


At the conclusion of this presentation, dental professionals will:


1: understand the key variables Onpharma identified for consistent and reliable improvement in buffering

2: understand the mixing and delivery process that optimizes the pH and preserves dissolved CO2

3: be presented with my thoughts on the cost/benefit aspects of using this product in an endodontic practice