Ken Hargreaves DDS, PhD

"Current Status of Regenerative Endodontics"






10:00 am

Sunday, January 21, 2012

International Academy of Endodontics, Annual Meeting

The Fairmont Hotel

Dallas, Texas



Considerable excitement exists for developing dental applications that employ post-natal stem cells and concepts of tissue engineering.  Although much remains to be done to advance this field, progress has been made in clinical regenerative endodontic procedures:  literally, saving teeth by regenerating a pulp-dentin complex.  This program will describe the current status of regenerative endodontic procedures, their potential and predictors of healing success.  Both clinical and basic studies will be reviewed to provide the practitioner with the latest information on this field with an emphasis on practical steps to be apply these procedures in treating selected patients. 



At the completion of this course, the practitioner should be able to:

1.    Describe the three major steps in tissue engineering and how they apply to regenerating the pulp-dentin complex.

2.    Understand the clinical principles needed for regenerative endodontic procedures.

3.    Be able to describe clinical outcomes of successful regenerative endodontic procedures.