Phillippe Hujoel PhD, DDS, MSD, MS

Professor, School of Dentistry
University of Washington Seattle, Washington
4:00 pm
Saturday, February 1, 2014 I
nternational Academy of Endodontics, Annual Meeting
The Fairmont Hotel Dallas, Texas
“Experiences with Systematic Reviews”
A systematic review aims to search and present the evidence on a specific clinical question in a reproducible and unbiased manner.  A meta-analysis aims to quantitatively summarize the identified evidence.  Both techniques are having an increasing impact on health care. Organizations such as the American Dental  Association and United States Preventive Service Task Force in part rely on systematic reviews and meta-analyses to establish policy. Other organizations such as the American Heart Association continue rely on narrative reviews.  The aim of this presentation is to explore the promise and the problems of systematic reviews,   meta-analyses, and narrative reviews.
Attendees will learn:
1. The historical development of systematic reviews at the American Dental Association.
2. To understand  how systematic reviews and meta-analyses can leave wiggle room to massage conclusions.
3. To assess a systematic review in the field of endodontics.