John Khademi DDS, MS

Private Practice
Adjunct Clinical Professor, SLU
10:50 a.m.
Sunday, February 2, 2014
International Academy of Endodontics, Annual Meeting
The Fairmont Hotel
Dallas, Texas
“Management of Deep Finish Lines”
The traditional management of deep direct and indirect finish lines and margins are thought to rest on several discrete concepts such as ferrule, biologic width, finish line design, fit and finish-ability. These concepts and attendant principles and procedures deserve revisiting with the magnification that is available using the Surgical Operating Microscope (SOM).  Through that lens, one might see the principles themselves as manifestations of the poor process-outcomes of traditional explorer/tactile-based model of dental practice that the concepts were intended to prevent.
Attendees will learn:
  1. How the traditional discrete models of ferrule, biologic width and finishline/fit/finishability have led to treatment models that have not worked as advertised.
  2. New mental models linking these three concepts can lead to different treatment models.
  3. How the vision-based endodontist can leverage those treatment models in practice. 

Disclosure:  SS White, Carestream