Charles McNeil, DDS

UCSF Center for Orofacial Pain
Dept. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Professor Emeritus & Director
UCSF Center for Orofacial
San Francisco, CA
“Nonodontogenic Sources of Tooth Pain”
To definitively diagnose nonodontogenic tooth pain disorders, the health provider must have a working knowledge of the trigeminal pain mechanisms including peripheral and central sensitization. Because a number of orofacial pain conditions can masquerade as tooth pain, endodontists must consider other diseases unrelated to the teeth in their differential diagnosis. Management of nonodontogenic neuropathic tooth pain requires a thorough diagnostic process, because an incorrect or omitted diagnosis is one of the most frequent causes of treatment failure.
Attendees will learn:
1. To identify risk factors associated with nonodontogenic tooth pain.
2. How to begin the initial management for the most common types of nonodontogenic tooth pain.
3. How to properly triage the refractory chronic neuropathic pain patient.