Marco Rameriz-Salomon, DDS, MS

Chair and Advanced Program
García Ginerés Director
Department of Endodontics
Autonomous University of Yucatan
Merida, Yucatan

“Secondary Pathological Effects of the Dental Inlays among the Prehispanic Mayas”
There is much evidence of a high frequency of dental procedures among the Prehispanic Mayan population. The filling of teeth and recovery of intact cemented inlays are evidence of some of these dental procedures. It is surprising that after many centuries, quite a few of these restorations have been discovered in situ, leading us to infer a low failure frequency of these restorative procedures. The purpose of this lecture is to show the ancient Mayan dental inlays secondary pathological effects and the potential use of the Mayan cement in dentistry.

Attendees will learn:

  1. Mayan population had a high frequency of dental procedures performed within their population.
  2. Mayan dental inlays induced secondary pathology.
  3. The material used to cement the inlays of this population was very retentive and may have potential uses in dentistry today.