Director, Fahl Center
Curitiba, PR, Brazil
American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
Past President, Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry
International Academy of Endodontics Annual Meeting
Long Essay Program
Saturday, January 30, 2016

“Direct-Indirect Restorations: Class V Inlays and Composite Veneers”

This lecture will teach a novel approach for using composite resins in restoring non-carious cervical lesions and veneering the anterior dentition. The techniques presented will introduce the scientific and clinical basis for optimizing the esthetic outcome, favoring periodontal health, and enhancing restorative predictability and longevity. Step-by-step protocols for both techniques will be discussed.


Attendees will learn:

  1. How to restore non-carious cervical lesions with minimal chairside time and maximum esthetics and periodontal health.

  2. How to optimize the esthetics and longevity of single or multiple teeth with direct-indirect veneers. 

  3. How to select the proper armamentarium and composite resins for each clinical challenge.


DISCLOSURE: Dr. Fahl has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

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