Adjunct Professor of Medicine
The PR Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies
University of California, Dentistry
San Francisco, CA
International Academy of Endodontics Annual Meeting
Long Essay Program
Saturday, January 30, 2016

“The Scientific Paper: Essay or Income Tax Form?”

This presentation shall discuss the appalling quality of much of the scientific literature 20 years ago that required the setting of evidence-based standards, starting with CONSORT for the reporting of specific items in Randomized Clinical Trials, and blossoming to include the reporting of most forms of clinical research. This has been followed by a remarkable rise in standards of reporting.


Attendees will learn:

  1. To understand how they can write articles that actually help the reader.

  2. To be able to assess the literature critically and usefully. 

  3. To be able to design their clinical research better. 

  4. To be able to conduct, analyze and present research better. 

  5. To shorten the time to publication for their research.


DISCLOSURE: Dr. Rennie has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.


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