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Bill Seddon, BDS

Private Practice
Sheffield, S York, UK
International Academy of Endodontics Annual Meeting
Short Essay Program
Saturday, June 25, 2022
Rubber Dam Revisited. An update on materials and methods
A guide to what is needed and how it's used to provide rubber dam isolation in both endodontic and endo restorative situations.
From single tooth isolation for endodontics to quadrant isolation for endo restorative I will show the techniques and equipment needed to make your rubber dam application simple and straightforward. 

Complex restorative isolation will involve adjuncts to the dam and I'll show what we can learn from the restorative experts in improving our isolation, making the rest of the treatment more efficient.

There will be relevance to the current enhanced methods of irrigation as good isolation makes this more predictable. 

Learn how to isolate when we are placing matrices, get tips on how to work on that difficult last standing tooth.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn what materials are needed to apply dam in challenging situations
  2. Learn how to use additional aids to isolation
  3. Learn which clamp types work best in your clinical practice
No commercial interests
Bill has been in practice limited to Endodontics for 17 years and took endodontic referrals for 10 years prior to that while working as a general practitioner. He spreads his clinical time between his own office in Sheffield where he works with his wife Jaana, and a specialist practice in Nottingham. Here he has the chance to work in multi-disciplinary cases along with specialist restorative, perio, ortho, and implant dentists.

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