Sashi Nallapati, BDS, Cert. Endo

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Sashi Nallapati, BDS, Cert. Endo
Private Practice
Kingston, Jamaica
International Academy of Endodontics Annual Meeting
Short Essay Program
Saturday, March 4, 2023
Slow Orthodontic Extrusion
The role of endodontists in the rehabilitation of oral health of patients does not end with just endodontic diagnosis and treatment. Taking an active role in interdisciplinary treatment planning is critical, especially in the treatment of a compromised tooth. When tooth retention or tooth replacement is needed for periodontally involved teeth, teeth that underwent trauma, cracked teeth, or restoratively compromised teeth in esthetic zones, it is important that an adjunct treatment modality like orthodontic extrusion is considered in the overall treatment plan.
Major topics to be addressed:
Slow orthodontic extrusion is especially useful in some of these scenarios to improve foundational bone for prosthetic replacement of a natural tooth with an implant or to improve the periodontal and restorative prognosis for an endodontically treated tooth.   With the help of a few clinical examples, this presentation discusses slow orthodontic extrusion and its role in interdisciplinary treatment planning in an endodontic practice.
Learning Objectives:
  1.  Define slow orthodontic extrusion, its indications, and contraindications.
  2.  Difference between slow and rapid orthodontic extrusions.
  3.  Clinical examples where slow orthodontic extrusion is used to improve clinical outcomes.
Private Practice, Kingston, Jamaica.
Part-time lecturer, University of West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica.
Visiting adjunct associate professor, NSU, Davie, FL, USA.
Dr. Sashi Nallapati graduated as a dentist from Govt. Dental College, Hyderabad, India.  He did his residency in endodontics at Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA.  He is in full-time private practice in Kingston, Jamaica. He is a part-time lecturer and course leader in endodontics at the University of the West Indies, College of Dental Sciences, Mona campus, Kingston, Jamaica, and visiting adjunct associate professor, PG endo, NSU, Florida, USA. He has clinical publications and lectured extensively across the globe on various clinical topics in endodontics.

Dr. Nallapati is a founding member and a past president of the International Academy of Endodontics.