Ali Mehrabian, DDS

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Ali Mehrabian, DDS
Private Practice
Ontario, California, USA
International Academy of Endodontics Annual Meeting
Short Essay Program
Saturday, March 4, 2023
How to get your assistant to appreciate endodontics through ergonomics
Have you ever been on the other side of the patient chair? Holding the high-volume suction, passing instruments? Ever wonder what it feels like? Well, this could be a very uncomfortable situation for most dentists as we are so accustomed to our roles in the dental office. In this presentation, I argue for the importance of thinking about what it feels like to be a dental assistant and the advantages of ergonomic training. Empathizing and asking questions can bring insight into dental assistants’ experiences, who are crucial to patient care, and more appreciation for your staff.
Major topics: Ergonomics, Empathy, Commitment.
Learning Objectives:
  1.  How to engage new assistants through ergonomic training. 
  2.  How to retain quality assistants through empathetic leadership. 
  3.  Understanding the difference between discipline and commitment when practicing ergonomic training and empathy. 
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Dr. Mehrabian was born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Long Island, NY where he received his Bachelor of Science degree from Stony Brook University. After working as a Respiratory Therapist for three years at Stony Brook University Hospital, he returned to Stony Brook University for his Doctorate in Dental Surgery. During his GPR residency at the Veteran Affairs Healthcare System in San Diego, CA, he became extremely interested in Endodontics. Which led him back for a third time to Stony Brook University to earn his certificate in Endodontics.