Ravi Koka, DDS, MS

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Ravi Koka, DDS, MS
Private Practice
San Francisco, California, USA
International Academy of Endodontics Annual Meeting
Short Essay Program
Saturday, March 4, 2023
Surgical Root Debridement
Summary:  This talk is a brief update. This case presentation hopes to show that recalcitrant or failing endodontic cases may be failing not because of persistent contaminants within the root canal space but on the external root surface e.g: a biofilm. Traditionally, failing cases are apicoectomy but this talk will suggest that apicoectomy may be avoided as it is a destructive treatment protocol and that a less invasive option may be worth considering.
Major topics to be addressed: Apicoectomy, biofilm, apical sugery
Learning Objectives:
  1.  To understand hypothesis behind the procedure
  2.  Understand indications / contraindications for procedure
  3.  Understand procedure technique
 Assistant professor at University of Pacific, San Francisco
ADA CDA SF Dental Society
No commercial interests
....was born and raised in England and having graduated from dental school in London, practiced general dentistry for two years. He then came to the US. and completed DDS in Loma Linda University. Over the next two years, he worked as an Oral Surgery intern and then as an OS clinical instructor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. In 1998, he completed the Endodontic postgraduate program in the same school and obtained a Master's degree in Oral Biology (Immunology). He has been in private practice in San Francisco ever since. He has taught as an Assistant Professor at the University of Pacific Dental School, San Francisco since 2000.