Hari Budha Magar

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Hari Budha Magar
Adventurer and Mountaineer
Lunch Speaker 
Friday, March 1, 2024
International Academy of Endodontics, Annual Meeting
The Rosen Plaza Hotel
Orlando, Florida, USA
“Conquering Dreams"
In this session, I will explore the themes that were central to the challenges and solutions that played a role in my Everest success, and how I hope they are lessons that the attendees will be able to learn from and hopefully give them new perspectives and abilities to climb their own mountain and achieve their goals, personal or professional.

This is delivered through a recap of my story through to my moment of injury and then an analogy about my quest to conquer three metaphorical summits to make my goals a reality.

Major Topics:
- Innovation
- Learning New Skills and Knowledge
- Overcoming Barriers and Adversity
- Mindset
- Adaptation
- Calculated Risk Taking
- Teamwork
Learning Objectives: 
  1. To inspire attendees are their ability to “climb their own mountains”
  2. To provide inspiration with regards to attributes and approaches to deal with adversity and challenges and increase personal resilience
  3. To provide perspective on what is innovation and the importance of continued learning and teamwork, as well as other skills to enable success through Adaptation
About the Presenter: 

Hari Budha Magar, Adventurer and Mountaineer

Serving for 15 years in the British Army’s legendary Gurkha regiment, Hari has transformed from an injured veteran to a record-breaking mountaineer.

Hari, originally from Nepal, served across five continents with the Royal Gurkha Rifles in the British Army, and, in 2010, lost his legs in Afghanistan after stepping on an improvised explosive device. After struggling to come to terms with losing his legs, he wanted to make it his mission to inspire and change perceptions with regard to disability globally.

He has since completed multiple record-breaking mountaineering challenges, including Ben Nevis, Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Mount Toubkal, Chulu Far East, and Mera Peak twice (the only amputee to do so), as well as becoming the first person to reach Everest basecamp with prosthetic legs in 2022. On 19 May this year, Hari realized his goal of climbing 8849m (29029ft) Mount Everest via the South Col route from Nepal. Hari followed the route that took him through the treacherous Khumbu Ice Fall to the Western Cwm, before tackling the Lhotse Face wall of ice, and then trekking across the Yellow Band and the Geneva Spur to the South Col and site of Camp IV. The final summit push saw Hari go via the Balcony, South Summit, and the famous Hillary Step, which can take 12-16 hours for an average able-bodied climber, and took Hari’s team 25 hours in grueling weather conditions. Hari is aiming over the coming years to raise £884,900 (the height of Everest plus two 00’s) through the platform developed from the Everest Climb.

Through his challenges, Hari wants to raise awareness of disability and show that having a disability does not have to be limiting. Hari also speaks at organisations around the UK, Nepal, and overseas; including schools, universities, and army training centres events to share his experiences.

He is a champion of removing limits, demonstrating resilience and innovation, and blazing new trails, and has made it his mission to positively change the way people with a disability are perceived and how they perceive themselves. He believes having a disability doesn’t have to be life-limiting, it is all about adaptation.